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Background information:

Although I was raised in Brooklyn, New York, I have lived in Las Vegas for the past thirty-six years. My children are lifelong Nevadans.  I have two accomplished children: Edina, my daughter, the married mother of three; and my son, Eric, who works for Clark County and is a volunteer track coach for Centennial H.S. Both have made the Valley their home. I’m proud to say that my son-in-law, William, is a member of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 525. I am the proud grandmother of three beautiful, active grandchildren, Ayden, William and Madden.

In 1982, I was based in Las Vegas by the United States Air Force.  Upon arriving for active duty, I decided this community was where I would like to stay and raise my family.  After 20 years of military service I was Honorably Discharged.

During my “retirement”, while working two jobs at times, I attended school full-time as well as being a divorced single mom.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology  and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and an Associate’s Degree in Social Services from the College of Southern Nevada.

My interest includes:

I enjoy reading world and U.S. History - since knowing what happened then may have an effect on us now; as well as exploring local and national political issues which are of great interest to me. Education is a high priority in my life, which includes the teachers and education of our students in North Las Vegas.   I am dedicated to family and church, and have been active in our community with Little League Baseball as a volunteer mom, supporter and a cheer athletic competition supporter.  I am a supporter and participant in the Walk to Fight Suicide in Nevada and the Safenest "Run for Hope 5K” against Domestic Violence in our community. I also volunteered as an advocate for the Rape Crisis Center of Southern Nevada.  In my leisure time, I enjoy reading mystery novels and watching classic noir films, i.e., Charlie Chan, The Thin Man series.

Career history:

In my current career I work in the District Attorney’s Office as a District/Justice Court Clerk.  I am a member of SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Local 1107, of which I am also a Union Steward and served on the 2017-2019 bargaining team. I was appointed to the DA’s Safety Committee and Reclassification Committee. I have held elected positions as SEIU 1107 Trustee and Political Action Committee member. 

I am a member of several organizations in the Democratic Party which include: elected to the Nevada State Democratic Party E-Board, the Clark County Central Committee – Elected to the Dispute Resolution Committee; working with the Clark County Platform Committee in getting our 2014 Platform Planks ratified during the Clark County Convention. I served on the By-Laws and the Special Audit committees of Clark County Central Committee.  I have served as a member and supporter of several clubs and associations throughout the Valley of which there is a common interest in the concerns and advancement of our diverse community. During my career, I have worked as a supervisor and trainer in several military and civilian positions. 

Sharing something about me that no one would know:

I love to laugh out loud. I love to smile inside. I love to love all people especially the “little darlings”, as they want to learn and tell you all YOU don’t know.

I am a voting Democrat in good standing.